African Women - Music and Revolution (The Conclusion)

"When we surmount an attack on the unfinished business of historical stock-taking we shall begin with dynamizing freezing silences now paralyzing our womanful lives.

We shall recount herstory

Dramatizing it and illustrating it with rainbow colors.

We will pour lavish libation,

Honoring named, un-namable, yet to be named Mother Afrika’s matriots

“Mother Afrika’s patriots will rise the earthshaking power of:

the Aba women, the Abekuta women, the Maji Maji women, and the jua kali women

They will rise with the roaring fury of:

the Dakar railway strike women, the Defiance Campaign women, and the Black Panther women

They will rise with the sweeping force of Mother Afrika’s struggling women

Our matriots will surely rise with the gun salute of the final chimurenga

They will explode imperialist history’s, incarcerating myths

They will light undying flames of liberating visions

They will accurately shape the A and the Z of

Our unfolding pilgrimage

Through herstory, through living, through being.”

-Micere Githae Mugo

We have come to the end of the journey for now and I just want to thank you for honoring the legacies of these women together with me.

The words above by Micere Githae Mugo sum up this entire process better than any words I could string together.

A playlist with all the music from parts 2-6 shall be linked below. Thank you once again for honoring the named, the un-namable, and the yet to be named women who where and are so we could be.


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